Transport Swab Tube with Stuart+Charcoal Transport Medium


Transport Swab Tube

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Transport Swab Tube

  1. Becomm are supplying different kinds of swab with wooden, plastic. medical Face maskThe MEDIUM includes:amies,stuart, cary blair, etc. bath and body hand sanitizerAccording to different requirements, they will be  sterilized by EO gas or Gamma.
  2. The swab is applicable to bacillus transportation and sampling. face mask amazonAlso our swab has obtained the EC certified.
  3. This two type stick swabs can collect samples together, face mask for fluone for culture and another for Gram’s stain, face mask walmartor it can be used for collate different parts of focus.
  4. Used for the specimen collection of oral cavity, antiviral face maskrespiratory tract, urethra, cervix, vagina. Convenient for transportation, while avoiding pollution.
Item NO Specification Quantity(pcs) Measurement(cm)
G10261 swab with Amies gel  medium  plastic stick  ,sterile 600,1/bag*100pcs*6bags 60*40*24
G10262 swab with Amies gel  + charcoal medium  plastic stick  ,sterile 600,1/bag*100pcs*6bags 60*40*24
G10263 swab with Cary Blair gel  medium  plastic stick  ,sterile 600,1/bag*100pcs*6bags 60*40*24
G10264 swab with Stuart gel medium  plastic stick  ,sterile 600,1/bag*100pcs*6bags 60*40*24
G10265 swab with Stuart gel + charcoal  medium  plastic stick  ,sterile 600,1/bag*100pcs*6bags 60*40*24


Transport Swab Tube 2

Transport Swab Tube

Transport Swab Tube 4

Transport Swab Tube 3


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