ST-30A&C Non-Invasive Ventilator

Invasive Ventilator

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Invasive Ventilator

ST – 30A&C
It aimes at offering safety non-invasive ventilator therapeutic solution in hospital and at patient home.

ST-30A&C Non-invasive Ventilator
Safe, Comfortable, Reliable, Effective for COPD Patients


Therapeutic Functions and Applicable Departments

5 Respiratory Modes
CPAP ( Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
S (Spontaneous)
T (Timed)
S/T (Spontaneous/Timed)
PC (Pressure Control)Applicable Departments ICU,
Cardiology Department,
Neurology Department,
Respiratory Department,
Emergency Department,
Geriatrics Department,Movable Trolley with Integrated Design
The trolley carry ventilator with humidifier,
adjustable arm, tubing and mask etc.
can be moved forward with single hand

Parameters of ST-30A&C
Parameters Description
Screen Size: 5.7 inch color LCD screen
Waveform: Double waveform of flow&pressure
IPAP: 4cm H2O-30cmH2O
EPAP: 4cm H2O-25cmH2O
CPAP: 4cm H2O-20cmH2O
Ramp time: 0-60min(per 1min)
Start Pressure: CPAP Mode:4cm H2O-CPAP; Other Mode:4cm H2O-EPAP
Rise time: 1-6 levels
Tidal Volume: 20-2500ml
Inspiratory time: 0.2s-4.0s
Respiratory rate: 1BPM-60BPM
Alerts: Apnea alert, Disconnection alert, Low minute volume alert, Low tidal volume alert, Cut off alert, High pressure alert
Real-time data: Pressure, Flow, Minute volume, Tidal volume, Minute respiratory rate, Leakage
Other settings: Screen lock, Screen lightness, Flow scale, Pressure scale, Wave form

Humidifier Description
Temperature: 40°-70°
Adjustable level: 1-9 levels

Overall protection for safe treatment
Doctors will feel more relieved
Sepray hospital non-invasive ventilator — German Blower for precise and stable
pressure;Various monitoring data enable easier medical operation; face mask walmartIndividual humidifier system & 5 alerts offer the patients safe and comfortable therapy

Monitoring Data
Flow waveform, Pressure waveform, Minute volume, Tidal volume, Minute respiratory rate, Leakage

Apnea alert, Disconnection alert, Low minute volume alert, Low tidal volume alert, Cut off alert, High pressure alert

German Blower
High quality imported German blower provide stable & precise pressure and leakage compensation offers you safe treatment

Individual humidifier system
Professional humidifier system with 1-9 levels adjustable temperature assure the therapeutic effectiveness&comfort, face mask amazonlower down devices’ failure rate by preventing water flow backward into the device

Innovative technology enable healthy breath
COMF(pressure release Technology), AST (automatic Synchronization technology)
And VAT(Volume Assure Technology)
make sure patients breath naturally and comfortable

AST (automatic Synchronization
AST will monitor patients’ every single respiration, response immediately to synchronize patients’ breath through sensitive trigger by detecting flow, pressure and waveform changing

Automatic sensitivity technology provide the doctor convenience no need to set the sensitivity manually, face masks amazonand lower down patient’s respiratory power.

60L/min leakage compensation improved the therapeutic effectiveness by providing stable pressure and synchronization when big leakage happened

COMF(pressure release Technology)
Under S mode, COMF enable the device release pressure when it detect the patient is at the point of respiratory end, face mask for fluwhich makes the patient breath more comfortable and close to natural breath

VAT(Volume Assure Technology)
VAT will monitor the change of patients’ tidal volume, and estimate the pressure to reach to the target tidal volume, then the device will provide a gradual increasing IPAP to assure patient’s tidal volume. antiviral facemasksVAT can response to more clinical demand and make sure therapy effectiveness

Intelligent electromagnetic valve Technology
Pressure response can be acted within 200ms to follow patients’ breath.

Precise pressure control for better synchronization and treatment effectiveness.

Easy operation for better therapy with humanized design
5.7 inch color LCD screen. bath and body works hand sanitizer holderDouble waveform display makes it easy to read & analysis the patients’ conditions

Parameters setting and real-time treatment data display on the same screen brings convenience to adjust the parameters according to patients’ conditions

Multi-function wheel button design make it easy to set the parameters

Humanized 17 degree elevation design brings greet reading experience


Noninvasive ventilation (NIV) refers to the administration of ventilatory support without using an invasive artificial airway (endotracheal tube or tracheostomy tube). ventilationThe use of noninvasive ventilation (see the video below) has markedly increased over the past two decades, purell hand sanitizer fdaand noninvasive ventilation has now become an integral tool in the management of both acute and chronic respiratory failure, in both the home setting and in the critical care unit.

Noninvasive ventilation has been used as a replacement for invasive ventilation, and its flexibility also allows it to be a valuable complement in patient management. ventilatorsIts use in acute respiratory failure is well accepted and widespread. It is the focus of this review. tesla ventilatorsThe role of noninvasive ventilation in those with chronic respiratory failure is not as clear and remains to be defined.


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