SH300 ICU Ventilator

SH300 ICU Ventilator

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Ventilator setting

Ventilation mode: VCV, PCV, PSV, SIMV-V, SIMV-P, SPONT, CPAP, backup apnea ventilation, APRV, BIPAP (optional)

Tidal volume: 50~1500ml

Breath rate: 1~100bpm

SIMV breath rate: 1~40bpm

Inspiratory time: 0.1~12s

Pause time: 0~4.8s

Pressure trgger sensitivity: (PEEP-20cmH2O)~PEEPcmH2O

Flow trigger sensitivity: 1~20LPM

PSV: 0~70cmH2O

High pressure: 1~80cmH2O

Low pressure: 0~79cmH2O

Waveforms displayed: P-T, F-T, V-T, P-V loop, V-F loop

PEEP/CPAP: 0~50cmH2O

FiO2: 21~100%

Psupp: 0~70cmH2O

Pinsp: 5~70cmH2O

Thigh: 0.1~30s

Tlow: 0.5~30s

Phigh: 5~70cmH2O

Plow: 0~50cmH2O

Alarm silence: ≤120s

Parameters monitored: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspn, f, fspn, FiO2, Ppeak, Pmean, Pplat, PEEP, Pmin, Compliance, Resistance

Interface: RS232, VGA


Assist functions

Freeze: Freeze current screen and suspend real-time data

Insp hold: 15s max

Exp hold: 15s max

O2 suction: 100% O2 for 2 munites

Manual insp



MV-upper limit: 0~99L

MV-lower limit: 0~99L

Paw-upper limit: 0.1~8KPa

Paw-lower limit: 0~7.9KPa

VTE-upper limit: 0.05~2.00L, OFF

Rate-upper limit: 0~100bpm

Rate-low limit: 0~99bpm

Tapnea: 15~60s

FiO2-upper limit: 21~100%

FiO2-lower limit: 21~99%

Main failure, Battery low, Battery discharged, Air/O2 supply down, Circuit occlusion


Power and environmental

Power: AC110~240V, 50~60Hz, DC 12V, 4.4AH

Power comsumption: 65VA

Driven mode: Pneumatically driven, electronically controlled

Air/O2 supply: Pressure 0.28~0.6MPa >50L/min

Temperature: Operation 10~40°c;    Storage -20~55°c

Relative humidity: Operation ≤80%, non-condensing;    Storage ≤93%, non-condensing

Atmospheric pressure: Operation 70~106KPa


Order information

Option: Compressor

Accessories: Power cord, Gas pipeline, Patient circuit, Face mask, Humidifier, Support arm

Great Visibility

SH-300 is equipped with a large 10.4″ full-color display. SH300 ICU Ventilator, The high resolution display provides for a flexible graphics menu combining respiratory curves, loops, and numerical data of physiological parameters.

Assistant Functions

Inspiratory Hold

Convenience for taking X-ray picture of the patient during ventilation, SH300 ICU Ventilator, availability for clinician to assess patient’s static pulmonary mechanics.

Expiratory Hold

Accessibility for measuring intrinsic PEEP

100% FiO2

More effective support for suction

Manifold parameter selections

The manifold parameter selections are operated by means of a single ComWheel

Manual Inspiration

Availability for clinician to make prompt response to patient’s inspiration need

Expiratory Valve

With heating function, SH300 ICU Ventilator, the expiratory valve protects the device from condensed water, accuracy of the flow sensor is ensure.


Warm and humidify airflow with protection function, n95 mask near menine steps to control temperature.


High quality medical compressor with low noise, SH300 ICU Ventilator, compatible for most medical devices.

  • 10.4″ TFT color screen
  • Easy setting by navigator wheel knob and touch key
  • Wide choice of ventilation modes including CPAP, APRV, BIPAP
  • Flow and pressure trigger
  • Static compliance and resistance monitor
  • PEEP, P-V loop, V-F loop
  • Three-level visual and audible alarm, n95 mask cvswith concise words describing problems
  • Advanced built-in electronic air-oxygen mixing device
  • Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor
  • Integrated expiration valve, easy to be sterilized
  • Backup apnea ventilation
  • Auto nebulizer
  • Built-in battery
  • CE certified

Available Modes

VCV Mode

In VCV mode, the ventilator delivers mandatory breath by setting tidal volume. how a ventilator worksWhen the ventilator detects patient’s inspiratory effort, infrared thermometer lowesit delivers a patient-initiated mandatory (PIM) breathe. coronavirus in usaIf the ventilator does not detect inspiratory effort, it delivers a ventilator-initiated mandatory (VIM) breath at an interval based on the set respiratory rate. china coronavirusBreaths can be pressure-triggered or flow-triggered in VCV mode.

PSV Mode

In PSV mode, SH300 ICU Ventilator, inspiration is usually initiated by patient effort. coronavirus newsBreaths are initiated via pressure or flow triggering. coronavirus cureClinician can also initiate a manual inspiration during PSV.

PSV Breaths

Controlled by pressure (preset PSV level + PEEP), coronavirus californiaLimited by pressure (preset PSV level + PEEP + margin), infrared thermometer home depotand Cycled by time (PSG Tmax) or flow (PSV Cycle)


SIMV is a mixed ventilation mode that allows both mandatory and spontaneous breaths. where to buy n95 masks near meThe mandatory breaths can be volume-based (SIMV-V) or pressure-based (SIMV-P), and the spontaneous breaths can be pressure-assisted. 3m face mask n95Clinician can select pressure-triggering or flow-triggering in SIMV.


APRV is a time cycled pressure mode. In this mode, patient is allowed to breath spontaneously at two preset pressure levels. 3m n95 respirator maskThese are set using the Phigh and Plow controls. face masks n95 respiratorThe maximum duration at each pressure during time cycling is set with the Thigh and Tlow controls. n95 mask walgreensAdditionally, CPAP can be added to improve comfort of patient during spontaneous breathing, SH300 ICU Ventilator.

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