Louisiana Driver’s license

 Louisiana Driver’s license

Format of the license number on real Louisiana ID card: renew driver’s license nynine digits, starting from 00 or 01 no spacesScanning areas of the real Louisiana ID card: michigan driver’s license, two 2-D bar codes and a 1-D bar code


 Louisiana Driver’s license

Louisiana is nicknamed “Child of the Mississippi”. louisiana driver’s license costIt is the 31st state by area (50,000 square miles) and the 25th state by population with over 4.681 million people. Louisiana Driver’s licenseIts capital is Baton Rouge and the largest city is New Orleans. louisiana driver’s license appThe motto of Louisiana is “Union, Justice, Confidence”. maryland driver’s license real idMinimum age to serve alcohol here is 18, and minimum age to bartend is 18. texas driver’s license eligibilityYou have to be at least 16 years old to apply for the real ID in Louisiana.

I authored the bill to digitize our Louisiana driver’s licenses in an effort to provide an easier option for our citizens while at the same time complying with our enacted laws to provide proper identification to our public safety officials.

Once the bill was authored there were several legislators that joined as co-sponsors of the bill, after realizing the vast benefits it would produce. change address on driver’s Louisiana licenseWe also realized that if implemented correctly and expeditiously, we would be at the forefront in this digital arena.

When the Louisiana Legislature passed HB 481 in 2016 (Act 625), we began the process for Louisiana to become the first state to allow for a digitized version of a state-issued driver’s license. how to get a driver’s license in LouisianaWe worked with the Office of Motor Vehicles, and it is an honor to see that we are ready to begin implementing the provisions of the bill in the spring of 2018.

We are now focusing on how we can expand this to include a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license and a Louisiana Identification both to be digitized. louisiana driver’s license requirementsWhile the electronic driver’s license, available via app on smartphones, will not replace a photo ID in all capacities, it can be used for driving privileges and may be acceptable at airports, at the discretion of TSA.

As we continue to move into a more digital age, this technology is not only more efficient but necessary. california real id driver’s licenseSince we are the first state to enact a bill of this kind, this is a big step, not only for Louisiana but for the country.

Certify Conditions

By renewing my driver’s license online, I am certifying under penalty of law the following:

  • I have received a Louisiana computer generated mail-in renewal invitation.
  • I have not experienced any loss of consciousness other than normal sleep.
  • I do not have any mental or physical condition that would impair my ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
  • All vehicles that I have registered are currently covered with the required limits of liability insurance or other security and said coverage will be maintained until such time as the vehicle is no longer utilized on the highways of this state or until the vehicle is transferred to another owner.
  • I understand that I will receive a new Driver’s License credential to replace my current license.
If you are a Louisiana driver, or would like to become one, you will need a Louisiana driver’s license. massachusetts driver’s licenseAll you need to do is provide the correct documentation to the OMV, take a driver’s education course, pass a knowledge test and demonstrate your ability to drive safely. michigan driver’s licenseTo save you some time, here is a step by step guide that you will need to follow to get a driver’s license in Louisiana.

Class E (Non-commercial)

It is the most common personal driver’s license. renew driver’s license nyIt allows you to drive any single vehicle under 10,000 pounds, any personal use recreational vehicle or farm vehicle operated within 150 miles of the farm. california driver’s license testRead the LA OMV Class E & D Driver’s Guide or take a free LA OMV practice test.

Class D (Chauffer)

class c driver’s licenseIt allows you to operate any single vehicle that has a GVWR of 10,001 – 26,001 pounds used in commerce to transport a maximum of 15 passengers (including the driver), for hire or property and not utilized for the transportation of hazardous materials. south carolina driver’s licenseRead the LA OMV Class E & D Driver’s Guide or take a free LA OMV practice test.


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