Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer

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Infrared Thermometer

This Non contact design Infrared thermometer is used for measuring the temperature of the object’s surface, which is applicable for various hot, face mask for fluhazardous or hard-to-touch objects without contact safely and quickly.

The  Infrared is  highly accurate and reliable, how a ventilator worksCompact size, more so one-handed design for simple and convenient operation.
Simply point to an object and read its temperature, face masks amazonLED back light design for operation under poor illumination with data store recall function and data hold function.

At the same time  Enjoy the simplicity of using the Infrared Thermometer. face mask walmartThis digital infrared ear and forehead thermometer has two operation buttons that are convenient and easy noninterchangeable mode. conversely

The Dual Mode for Baby and Adults, antiviral facemasksIt can make you get more accurate measuring result.

at the same time it is suitable for all ages, ventilator companieschildren, adults and the elderly.

On one hand, trump ventilatorsthe high back light LCD display supports clear reading even at low and bright conditions.

Nevertheless the  advanced measuring technology, bath and body works hand sanitizer holderthis baby fever temperature ear thermometer gives a more reliable and accurate measuring result.

Moreover  digital infrared ear and forehead thermometer comes with two AA batteries and a pouch for convenient storage. face mask amazonAnd the patented magnetic probe cover make it more comfortable to use.

The measure distance is 12:1, this is object distance ratio,

It means if the diameter of object tested is 10cm, the distance between thermometer and object is 12*10=120cm.

Applications : hot water pipes, hot engine parts, cooking surfaces, purell hand sanitizer fdahot tubes insulation, electrical connection, ballasts in electric lights, electric motors, bearings, wine coolers hot asphalt, swimming pools, what is a ventilator machinefish tanks, hot cold food products, heating air conditioning, etc


Non contact design Infrared

Key Features:

  • FDA approved Forehead Thermometer
  • Measures body temperature from 32.0 to 42.5°C (89.6 to 108.5°F) without contact
  • Accurate to 0.5°F (0.2°C) with 0.1°F/°C resolution, Fast response (1 second)
  • Optimum measurement distance of 2 to 5cm
  • Eliminates need for replacement supplies, reduces potential spread of diseases from using contact devices
  • Memory stores up to 32 readings for easy recall
  • Large LCD display
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
  • FDA, CE, RoHS Certification
  • Precise non-contact infrared measurement.
  • Degree C
  • 1 x English User manual
  • Compliance with Standards:
    • (EN55014-1: 2007
    • EN 61000-3-2: 2019
    • EN61000-3-3: 2013 + A1: 2019
    • EN55014-2: 2015

How to measure body temperature with Non-contact infrared thermometer

  • Place the forehead thermometer within 2 – 5 cm of the forehead, tesla ventilatorsfollow the green guide light and point it at the sceen to display a horizaontal line.

This product is a medical equipment of Class II with the protection level of IP22 belonging to the internal power supply equipment without application parts. bath and body hand sanitizerIt is a continuous running equipment, hospital scrubs near mewhich can not be used in the mixed gases of the flammable anesthetic gas and the air oxygen or nitrous oxide and is classified by EU as Class Il. ventilationA Scope of Application: Display the body temperature of measured object by measuring the forehead heat radiation.

Main Features:
High-precision infrared sensor ensure the stable and reliable performance.
Strong ambient temperature adaptability makes it normally used in the complex environment.
New independent intellectual property rights on the probe structure ensure more accurate measurement.
Automatically save the last measuring value.
Large-size LCD display, high brightness backlight, and clear and soft display.
Two kinds of temperature units, Celsius and Fahrenheit degree, are optional.
Automatic shutdown and energy saving.

Power: DC 3V (2 x AAA alkaline batteries)
Battery Tip: Low Battery
Backlight: High-brightness backlight
Display unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit
Automatic shutdown: 15 second.

Fast Measurement

Temperature measurement time 3 million times.

Large-screen Display

Large-screen LCD, white backlight, can display the measured value under any light.

Modification of Settings

You can modify the setting parameters to adapt to the medical temperature measurement system in different countries (for people with different skin colors)

Infrared Measurement

It only measures the infrared radiation signal emitted by the human body and does not touch the human skin, ventilatorswhich is harmless to the human body.

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General Type: Thermometer
Color: White
Specification Material: Plastic


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