Connecticut Driver’s license

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 Connecticut Driver’s license

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 Connecticut Driver’s license

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Anyone 18 years of age or older must obtain an adult learner’s permit before obtaining a driver’s license.  california driver’s license georgia driver’s licenseAn adult learner’s permit is valid for two years.

DRIVE ONLY APPLICANTS: If you would like to apply for a Drive Only License (for undocumented individuals), please follow these instructions.

If you already have a driver’s license from another U.S. state or territory, Germany, Canada or France, you can you can transfer your license to Connecticut without getting an Adult Learner’s Permit.

Learner’s permit testing is offered by appointment only at DMV Hub Offices.

The adult learner’s permit must be held for at least 90 days prior to taking the on-the-road skills test and is required to practice driving on the road. Individuals exempt from this 90-day requirement are:

  • Active duty military – stationed out-of-state – must provide orders and military ID card.
  • Any teen permit holder that held a Learner Permit for more than 90 days that expired on their 18th birthday and now is applying for an adult Learner Permit.
  • Any customer that held a driver’s license in the past. kansas driver’s license, This includes individuals who have held an out-of-state driver’s license, US territory or out-of-country license. texas driver’s license eligibility, Must provide expired license or abstract from previous state or country.
Required Classroom Training

Before taking the on-the-road skills test, you will be required to take an 8-hour Safe Driving Practices Course. us passport photo requirementsIf you had a Connecticut Driver’s License and it has been expired for 2 years or more, you are not required to take the 8-hour Safe Driving Practices Course.

If you are required to take the 8-hour Safe Driving Practices Course:

  • You can take it at any time, but you must take it before taking the on-the-road skills test.
  • It can be taken through a commercial or secondary driving school.
  • Proof of course completion (Form CS-1) must be presented at the time of the road test.

Getting a Connecticut state driver’s license is a simple and straightforward process. us passport application statusAnd our aim is to make the experience as easy as possible for you.

Here are the 3 steps for getting your new license:

  1. Apply for a Learner’s Permit.
  2. After holding your permit for the required amount of time, take an on-the-road skills test.
  3. Pass the skills test and receive your new license in the mail!

Ready to start? Begin the Learner’s Permit application now.

Want some helpful DMV tips before you start?


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