Cereal Carts, fake cereal carts, cereal carts review

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Buy Cereal carts , Cereal Carts, cereal carts review

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Cereal Carts, fake cereal carts, cereal carts review

These relatively new and exciting devices have permeated the cannabis concentrate market over the last several years, quickly becoming the go-to concentrate-based product for both the novice and accustomed cannabis fans. When it comes to choosing the right pre-loaded disposable pen, various factors stand in the way of making a decision. Although many of these products seem aesthetically similar at first glance, there are many nuances that distinguish them from one another.

Cereal Carts, cereal carts review

All Cereal Carts are unlicensed and unregulated; any cannabis brand operating under the name is distinctly part of the black market underground. As such, the original provenance or creator of Cereal Carts is impossible to confirm. Currently, there are many different manufacturers, hustlers, or “companies” — if you can even describe them like that — that create vape cartridges with the breakfast food slapped on the label, meaning there are now knock-offs of this black market “brand.” A knock-off of a knock-off, in away.

Identifying Fake Cereal Carts

It may be very hard to tell apart, for there really is no information about the company what so ever. Although they do have an Instagram account, it is private, not allowing us to view any of their posts. Some of these identifiers are very little and subtle, sometimes these carts will look identical to the original packaging.

We are not into offering high-quality products to the people, but also offer discounts to people and many affordable prices for repeat customers that order from us very often. We invite you to browse our site for your favorite THC treats and add everything on the cart for quick purchase. Your real mail-order will be shipped soon on the same day we receive payment and you can be certain that the delivery is private and secure. Order Now!

Buy Cereal Carts , cereal carts review

Do not be fooled by the inaccurate THC content labeled on Cereal Carts. There is no reputable proof that these cartridges have 90% THC. There are currently no Cereal Carts pesticide test results available online. However, there are others that look very similar such as Dank vapes and Mario carts. Dank Vapes and Mario Carts both came back testing positive for pesticides. We took a closer look at more fake cartridges that we recommend checking out.

Cereal Carts Flavors

The flavor selection for Cereal Carts is quite impressive. The flavor profiles of the cereal are very accurate! There is one huge resource that is providing these prefilled THC oil cartridges nationwide and making a killing do it. These sweet-tasting cartridges have no smell that resembles cannabis, instead of it’s hidden as a nicotine vape.

  • Apple Jacks
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Coco Puffs
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Cookie Crisp
  • Lucky Charms
  • Cap’n Crunch
  • Franken Berry
  • Count Chocula
  • Fruity Pebbles

Cereal Carts Strain Info

There are details about which strains are used to produce each Cereal Cart. These carts are using distillate, which means that the source for the THC could have been extracted from any quality of cannabis. The terpenes used are not naturally derived from cannabis so the entourage effect will be absent; in other words, the high will be short-lived. This is by no means a high-quality cartridge and has been labeled as hot dog water on Reddit.

It’s doubtful that the cannabis strains are accurate on the label, its more likely that the only difference is the terpene profiles. This vape cartridge brand has already proven to be untrustworthy for many reasons. Anything on the label is put there for the sole purpose of convincing people that their product is premium when it’s by far not.

Cereal Cart vs. Dank Vapes

dank vape vs cereal carts

There are a lot more than a couple of similarities between Cereal Carts and Dank Vapes.

The dimensions of the Cereal Cart packaging is identical to the dank vape cartridge packaging. The THC oil is also practically identical to each and every other. It is much easier to mimic a packaging than it is cannabis oil which tends to make us think its the identical particular person releasing each vape cartridge brand. The list of similarities gets larger for the reason that each brand claim to have about 90% THC in their carts. The vape cartridge hardware with a plastic mouthpiece is also identical.

4 reviews for Cereal Carts, fake cereal carts, cereal carts review

  1. James Miller Pro

    This bud has a beautiful earthy/citrus scent. It pulls smooth and has a wonderful mellow high. Definitely going to be on my reorder!

  2. Isobella Mccaffrey

    I love this weed. Everything about it. The taste, the smell, the high. Fantastic strain. One of my favorites

  3. Rihanna Mohammed

    I can’t wait to order this tasty treat again. The smell and size of buds are just perfect. A must-try strain.

  4. Florrie Shepard

    I find this awesome for helping me sleep through the night.

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