Carfentanil Carfentanyl – Buy Carfentanil Online


Buy Carfentanil Online – Carfentanil for sale – Carfentanil reviews – Carfentanil addiction – Carfentanil deadly 


Buy Carfentanil Online – Carfentanil for sale – Carfentanil reviews – Carfentanil addiction – Carfentanil deadly

Carfentanil Carfentanyl is a monocarboxylic acid amide resulting from the formal condensation of the arylamino group of methyl 4-aniline-1-(2-phenylethyl)piperidine-4-carboxylate with propanoic acid. It has a role as a mu-opioid receptor agonist, an opioid analgesic and a tranquilizing drug. It is a member of piperidines, a methyl ester, a tertiary amino compound and a tertiary carboxamide. Buy Carfentanil Online

BUY CARFENTANIL ONLINE  (efficient name 4-(4-bromophenyl)- 4-(dimethylamino)- 1-(2-phenylmethyl)cyclohexanol; otherwise called bromadol) is a strong opiate pain relieving with an unmistakable arylcyclohexylamine substance structure.research chemicals USA vendor , carfentanil for sale ,carfentanil for sale online Weed


Bromadol HCL (BDPC) (efficient name 4-(4-bromophenyl)- 4-(dimethylamino)– 1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexanol; otherwise called tramadol) is a strong opiate pain relieving with an unmistakable arylcyclohexylamine substance structure. It was created by Daniel Lednicer at Upjohn in the 1970s.[1] Initial studies assessed that it was around 10,000 times the quality of morphine in creature models.[2] However, later studies doled out an estimation of 504 times the strength of morphine for the more dynamic trans-isomer.[3] To date, it is obscure if this medication has been utilized by people, nonetheless, it was seized alongside three kilograms of acetyl fentanyl in an April 25, 2013 police activity in Montreal, Canada. Notwithstanding taking precautionary measures, no less than two officers got to be inebriated because of taking care of the drugs. BUY CARFENTANIL ONLINE

BUY Carfentanil Carfentanyl ONLINE Bromadol HCL BDPC

has never been utilized as a part of people, however, would be required to create impacts like those of other strong opioid agonists, including solid absence of pain, sedation, happiness, stoppage, tingling and respiratory sadness which could be unsafe or lethal. BDPC Formula: C22H29BrClNO Resistance and reliance would be required to grow quickly in light of the intensity

of the medication, as it is of a comparable quality to sufentanil thus would in all likelihood cause affirmed tachyphylaxis

taking after rehashed dosing, as is seen with the powerful fentanyl analogs.research chemicals usa vendor, carfentanil for sale

Structure-movement connections BUY CARFENTANIL ONLINE

Bromadol HCL BDPC (systematic name 4-(4-bromophenyl)-4-(dimethylamino)-1-(2-phenylethyl)cyclohexanol

BUY CARFENTANIL ONLINE Several related analogs such as the p-methyl and ring-unsubstituted compounds have also been investigated. BDPC is the lead compound in this series that attracted so much interest in it initially. narcotic analgesic A large number of analogs have been prepared, and the SAR is very well established. Lednicer constructed Dreiding models to show that the model of BDPC will give an exact overlay on a model of fentanyl.carfentanil for sale online

BUY Carfentanyl ONLINE Lednicer’s two parent compounds for BDPC. They are equipotent, arylcyclohexylamine chemical structure which is an unusual case for a simple cyclohexanone to display interchangeable equal potency with either a methyl or bromine in the same substitution, both having the same potency as pethidine. The p-Methyl was never tested as an analogue of BDPC because ‘We forgot’. acetylfentanyl Although Lednicer stated that he felt that the p-Me would be equipotent BUY CARFENTANIL ONLINE,research chemicals USA vendor, carfentanil for sale , carfentanil for sale online

C-163-1EA Carfentanil-D5 Oxalate 100 µg/mL (as free base) in Methanol |

Certified Reference Material This stable labeled internal standard is suitable for quantitation of carfentanil in fentanyl GC/MS or LC/MS methods for applications in clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, urine drug testing, pain prescription monitoring or isotope dilution.


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