Au Gold Dore Bars – 93-95% Pure or better Guaranteed


We offer a wide range of gold bars available at low premiums above spot. Buying gold bars tends to offer investors the cheapest way to invest in physical gold. All our bars are brand new, pure 24 carat gold (97.6) and come supplied with a certificate of authenticity direct from an LBMA approved refiner. 


We offer our Gold mostly for investors, government companies, wholesalers, jewelers and other clients. We have any kind of gold:  AU Gold Dore bars, Gold Nuggets, Gold Dust, Concentrate, Powder etc. as well as 999,9% gold bullion bars with hallmarks. Offered gold has all required documentation like Certificate of Assayer Report, S.K.R., Cert. of Origin etc. We cooperate only with reputable gold suppliers who are gold mine owners, mining companies or gold producers accredited by LBMA as well as banks. We know how important is trust so we choose our partners very carefully. Thanks to this, all our clients can be sure, that they will get 100% natural gold in any kind.

Raw AU Gold Dore Bars

We are exporters of Raw Gold Dore Bars from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Cameroon, Tanzania
We sell Raw Gold Dore Bars to Investors and International Gold Refineries

Selling stage Raw Gold Dore Bars:

Raw Gold Dore Bars

Raw Gold Dore Bars

Commodity: (AU) Raw Gold Dore Bars
Purity: 93-95% or better
Quality: 22+
Quantity: 100 kg and up/ Week
Origin: Sierra Leone, Ghana, Guinea, Mali, Cameroon, Tanzania

Discount / Price: (%) discount second Fixing of the “LBMA” rate, on the day of final assay report refinery

Our company represents reputable gold mine owners, mining companies and other reputable gold suppliers as their official and authorized Seller Mandate as well as verified Gold Buyers for suppliers who are looking for reliable Buyer.

If you are interested in cooperating with us and are you looking for reliable Supplier or Buyer, please contact us to get more details.

We have First Class Customer service which is our top priority. If there is something you need to know, or cannot find here, we want to know about it. Please contact us with any question or concern – no matter how small – and we will do our best to answer it for you. 


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