5 Deutsche Marks banknote (Bettina Von Arnim)


1991 West Germany 5 Mark – Bettina von Arnim – Brandenburg Gate Commemorative Bank Note



The Deutsche Bundesbank issued Deutsche Mark banknotes in 14 different denominations, including this 5 Deutsche Marks banknote (Bettina Von Arnim). They are part of the Deutsche Mark banknotes series. The Deutsche Bundesbank started issuing these 5 Deutsche Mark banknotes in 1992. They were withdrawn from circulation in 2002.

The bill of fünf deutsche mark features the portrait of Bettina Von Arnim, German writer. The paper banknote contains the words ‘Deutsche Bundesbank’.

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Additional information

Dimensions 122 × 62 mm
Locations Germany
Product currencies Deutsche Marks
Series Deutsche Mark banknotes
Tender Types banknotes
Composition material paper
Colour green
Person Bettina Von Arnim
Profession Writer
Text 5, Banknote, Deutsche Bundesbank, Funf Deutsche Mark
Place Berlin
Object brandenburg gate, pillars


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