How To Hire An Assassin On The Secret Internet For Criminals

How To Hire An Assassin On The Secret Internet For Criminals

  1. A desperately poor foreign nation – The criminals in desperately poor countries work cheaply. In fact, the murder rate in Mexico for the cartels in and around Ciudad Juarez was, at one time, 1000-1200 pesos (not dollars) per man to have someone killed by their sicarios, or hired gunmen. That’s between $85-100 USD per man. So if you were to offer 2-5 times that amount (roughly $500 USD) you could theoretically have a hit done by people who have few compunctions against killing. In poorer nations, it may cost far less
  2. Around a military base – While most active service members will pointedly tell you to go f*ck yourself if you start hinting around, most military towns have a number of hangers-on living in, or near them. Many of these people are wannabe military, but more than a few are ex-military guys who are down on their luck or who have substance abuse issues. For the right price, and if you are cautious in your approach, you could conceivably hire someone to commit a murder.
  3. Halfway houses – Many criminals transition into and through halfway houses prior to their release back hire anonto the streets. Criminals of all types and of levels of violence can be found here. This ranges from forgers to murderers, depending upon the location of the house and its security. Several discreet discussions can easily put you in touch with someone who willing to do a number of things for financial remuneration.
  4. A bail bondsman – Next to growing up with crooks, the best way to meet them. If you get to know a bail bondsman or people who work in their offices, you’ll be able to meet any type of crook that you’d like. From there, whatever plans you make are strictly yours.
  5. High school-aged gang members – Probably some of the most dangerous people in many societies as they haven’t really formed the necessary compunctions against killing that most adults have. If you meet with younger gang members (especially those with something to prove) you’ll be able to recruit an assassin who not only will kill but who likely won’t feel bad about it when he/she is done.

All of the above are places where one can meet killers who may do a hit for money. However, this is ILLEGAL and if the killers are caught and rollover (inform), you may find yourself being with and convicted of, crimes that will imprison you longer than the actual killer(s).


You have to be more specific – some assassins specialize in political assassinations, others in disguising homicide, others in disappearances.

And you need to have a budget – especially if you intend to hire someone for a high profile assassination, you need deep pockets, due to the exposure and fall-out that inevitably follows a media frenzy.

Specialists in disguising homicide are rare and difficult to find, plus they’re more liable to work through intermediaries and demand references before they take on new clients. Disappearances require a lot of preparation, so that can also be quite expensive.


The site Slayers Hitmen provides more options, with a beating going for $2,000. Death by torture costs $50,000.

But don’t expect someone to get the job done. Experts and law enforcers who have studied these sites — almost all of them on the so-called dark web or dark net — say they are scams. There has not been a known murder attributed to any of them.

That doesn’t mean the sites aren’t involved in a very dark trade. They have become catch points for real people who are looking to pay to have someone murdered. And a number of men and women are sitting in jail after paying one of these sites — and getting caught by the police.

In one of the most recent cases to make its way through the courts, a nurse from Illinois was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to sending $12,000 in Bitcoin to the site Sicilian Hitmen International Network. She had hoped to have the wife of her boyfriend killed.



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